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Vietnam. Love at firts sight


If you are thinking of another interesting holiday destination, you should surely add Vietnam to your viewfinder. This country a kind and decent people has a lot of things to offer. If you want to combine beach relaxation with the opportunity to travel across the country and see a lot, Vietnam is the right choice!

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  • Which places and attractions you should visit in Vietnam
  • What was the biggest adrenaline experience in Saigon
  • Where to find the most beautiful beaches
  • At the end – The voice of a woman (somewhere in the mood, you always hear a woman’s comment, to things what you are talking about or what you are thinking about)

A big positive thing is that this country is very cheap for us – the most expensive investment is a flight ticket, accommodation and food costs much less than in Europe or the USA. Of course, you can also find expensive food and expensive hotels or resorts. As everywhere.

If the idea to visit Vietnam begins to drill more and more in your head, note that the sooner you visit Vietnam, the better. Today, this Asian country is not so discovered by tourists as it will be in a few years. So, if you want to avoid crowds, put Vietnam on your travel calendar as soon as possible.

Challenge for guys

Buddies, someone says you have to go visit Vietnam without girlfriend or wife. Pssst! Vietnamese girls know to take care of us, males. I saw several older gentlemen alongside the attractive Vietnamese girls. I had a nice personal experience in the form of inviting looks, recognizable clips, or direct words about how good I look (handsome). But I can not say more, I did not know anything spicier because I was going to have a holiday with my girlfriend, actually a fiancée, as I asked for a hand on the plane. But you can decide differently and enjoy a great ride!

Rest in the first place

I spent almost three weeks in Vietnam with my fiancée and we would like to spend much more time. Our goal was not to cross the countryside from place to place by holding a tourist bedecked in our hands and tick all tourist attractions. We went there to relax in the sun and see something in addition to experience the atmosphere that is there. North Vietnam, Hanoi, and the Dragon Bay  (Ha Long Bay), we did not visit (we did not want to take winter clothes, but only the summer shorts), unfortunately not even the imperial city of Hue. We leave it all to the future because we definitely want to return to Vietnam. This time our road was heading to HoChiMinh City (former Saigon) and further north to Cam Ranh, Nha Trang and Ninh Hoa. Then back to Saigon and Phu Quoc Island.

Something about Vietnam

Even though Vietnam is still the socialist country where the Communist Party is ruling, the country has opened up its market and economy. We can find some parallel with China here. This is reflected in the fact that private business has grown significantly, especially in the tourism sector. The resorts are well built, new and new hotels are growing. You will find great world brands, modern shopping centres, shopping and restaurants chains. The capital city is Hanoi (in the north of the country), but the largest city is Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon in the south of the country, with about 9 million inhabitants.

The Republic has about 93 million inhabitants and is quite wide. Take the road from Hanoi to Saigon for about 1,800 km and take up to 35 hours! Therefore, the most convenient is air transportation, which is very decent in Vietnam, operates by several airlines (Vietnam Airlines, Viet Jet Air, Star Pacific). Flight from one metropolis to another (Hanoi to Saigon) takes approximately two hours.

And one more interesting information: Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter in the world, after Brazil. So try to give a typical strong Vietnamese filtered coffee with really sweet condensed milk. You will not regret.

Tourism on the rise

Vietnam lies on the peninsula of Farther India, on the coast of the South China Sea, near Tonkin and the Gulf of Thailand. Numerous beaches line the landscape, not as crowded as in other countries. The most famous are Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, but also the beaches of Phu Quoc Island, a popular tourist destination. The sea is warm, the beaches wide and very nice. Ideal for swimming, multi-site and surfing. And they are almost empty (at least in January).

You will also love Vietnam for its kitchen. You must definitely taste Pho Bo, which tastes much better than in our country, various fresh seafood, classic Asian food, or even grilled crocodile meat. And believe it or not, Vietnamese food tastes best on the street, where it is also very cheap.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

The experience is definitely a visit to Ho Chi Minh City, where the local traffic shocks you. By what? It doesn’t have its own rules as we know from our countries. Everybody goes as they want and where they want, few traffic lights are respected, the vast majority of drivers, mostly on scooters and motorbikes, also ride on red. Adrenaline discipline is to cross the road for us. Crosswalk? Nobody will stop you!

The rule is – go, don’t stop, walk slowly and everyone will bypass you. And know that in Vietnam, it is almost always the horn used. Nevertheless, we did not see any traffic accident … The city lives in every hour. And in the evening, especially in the city centre, you see crowds of people. In restaurants, bars in discos. Every one day a week. Simply, it lives there! Really lives. How in the hive …

Once in Vietnam, we recommend – you enjoy it! In addition to food, wellness is another attraction. Try massages, we enjoyed a foot massage particularly, almost every day. The hourly massage was in the range of 6-8 euros. And what can you see in Ho Chi Minh City? For example, Cu Chi tunnels (the remnants of the Vietnam War), the prospect of the Bitexco Financial Tower, the Cao Dai Temple, and various museums (historical, military) can be interesting for you. For us, however, the biggest attraction of the city was the atmosphere itself and of course the people.

Nha Trang

I should compare this tourist city to the French cities of Cannes or Nice. At the edge of this exciting tourist destination is a several-kilometres sandy beach, along which there is a four-lane road, lined with dozens of hotels. The city is located on the east coast, so the beach is better to relax in the afternoon, the sun is setting behind the tall hotels that shade its beam. From the beach you can watch the Ferris wheel and the architecturally interesting entertainment complex buildings of the luxurious Vinpearl resort, located on Hon Tre Island. The world’s longest cable car leads to the island, connecting it to the mainland. The inscription VINPEARL reminds HOLYWOOD in Los Angeles, USA.

Another interesting tourist attraction of Nha Trang is the Cham Towers (Thap Po Nagar), which is the remains of the ancient Kingdom of Champa. The towers were built between the 8th and 12th centuries, the largest of which has been preserved since the beginning of the ninth century. The towers, which include sanctuaries, are mostly visited by Vietnamese and Chinese Buddhists. It relates to the River Cai, which is close to the South China Sea.

If you visit Nha Trang, also go to Dragon Mountain Pagoda (Chua Long Son), dominated by a large 14-meters white statue of a sitting Buddha.

Nearby (about 30 km) from the city has located the waterfalls of Ba Ho. The road leads them along huge rocks that give the place an interesting character. Just rent a scooter (price per day 4 euros) and you will see typical Vietnamese dwellings or rice fields on the way to the waterfalls.

Doc Let

We took a taxi from Nha Trang to Some Days of Silence Resort and Spa, located about 50 km north, on the famous Doc Let beach near Ninh Hoa. This small resort is worth mentioning – it has enchanted us completely. It is actually a small oasis of peace, small houses standing in a beautiful green garden full of trees, shrubs, palms, lakes and water lilies. A few steps below us was a large, empty beach where no hotel complexes or resorts stand today (they will surely be a few years later). This place was a balsam for our souls. Silence, excellent food, royal care staff. We definitely recommend visiting. There is nothing in the neighbourhood, but after a busy life in Ho Chi Minh City, we warmly welcomed a few days of peace and quiet.

Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island is located southwest of Vietnam and south of Cambodia. The flight from Saigon takes about 45 minutes. It is one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam, where you can enjoy the peace, water and sun. If you ever get to this island, don’t miss a visit to the beautiful white sand beach and the beautiful turquoise sea, known as Sao Beach. There are no huge hotels, just a few restaurants and little accommodation facilities. There is no asphalt road close to the beach, the more you will be surprised by what you discover at the end of the field, respectively forest paths. Few people and beautiful scenery, sea suitable for swimming and amazing relaxation. Simply paradise.

What else do I recommend to see in Vietnam?

If you ever visit Vietnam, do not miss Sapa and Hue. Sapa is famous for its magnificent scenery of rice terraces and the traditional life of ethnic Hmong and Dao tribes. South of Hanoi, the city of Hue is located on the banks of the Fragrant River. It is the former capital of the Nguyen dynasty and you can visit a number of historical sites that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can enjoy the beauties decorated by the imperial citadel, the colourful Thanh Toan Bridge, the royal tombs or the Purple Forbidden City.

Treasures of Vietnam

For me personally, visiting Vietnam was a great experience. Beautiful landscape, nice and helpful people, unrepeatable atmosphere, amazing rest, pleasant seaside environment. These are the treasures of Vietnam that captivated me. If you visit Vietnam, I believe they will attract you as well.

Woman's Voice (the short look of my girlfriend): 
Boys, don't cry for the wasted opportunity of sex tourism in Asia. Feel free to take your girlfriend to Vietnam with you! It just needs better planning. First, invite her to another exotic country (maybe Zanzibar), where you entrust her to the breathtaking "beach boy" with love and it won't cost you a million Vietnamese dong for all body massage. One year will surely be more accessible to you for an hour to keep in handy Vietnamese. Or maybe not... I didn't personally get this option, but I'd like to think about its benefits (laugh)
For me, Vietnam was love at first sight. All the hustle and bustle, people, beaches and atmosphere caught my heart. Try to rent a scooter in less busy cities, put your girlfriend on, your cellphone with Google maps turned on and go ahead. If you don't trust her guiding sense, let her drive. Or study the route, sit behind the wheel, and let it deal with the problem of a poorly fitted headgear. Especially enjoy, lie on the beach, drink ice coffee in the morning and beer in the afternoon!

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